Inclusion of SRMIST under 12(B) of the UGC Act

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Orthodontics is the oldest specialty in dentistry with the Angles school of orthodontia founded in St Louis in the year 1900. The objective of the science of Orthodontics is in the correction of the malocclusions of the teeth.  Orthodontics is “the study of the relation of the teeth to the development of the face and the correction of arrested and perverted development through adolescence to adulthood”.

Goals of the Department
Learn, Leap, Lead… (Every smile matters…)

  • Provide quality education to all the students to learn and understand the science of orthodontics.
  • Hands on clinical experience for each and every student to diagnose, plan and do the treatment.
  • To spread the awareness of orthodontics and its treatment benefits through several dental camps and through public forums.
  • To spread the awareness of cleft orthodontics and its early management.
  • Treatment Feasibility and Affordability to everyone.
  • Patient education/ Patient management/ Patient communication.
  • Innovations/ Research projects – Every year by the students/ staff members.

Teaching Activity of the Department

  • Student to teacher ratio is 4;1. Each faculty member spends an average of  4-5 hours daily with the students. Students are assessed from their class tests and internal assessment exams. Case discussions, demonstrations, group discussions, viva and seminars keep the students updated with the subject.
  • Monthly schedule are being charted out at the start of every month for the undergraduates and the postgraduates.
  • Project works/ seminars are given to all the undergraduate students to improve their knowledge in the field of orthodontics.
  • Undergraduate and the post graduate students are motivated and trained/ guided for their Paper/ poster presentations at various national and international conferences to represent the college.
  • Each Post graduate is guided for research publications in the pub med indexed journal every year


  • Critical evaluation of incidence and prevalence of white spot lesions during fixed orthodontic appliance treatment: A meta-analysis.
  • Clinical efficacy of fluoride and non-fluoride releasing self etching adhesives on enamel demineralization and influence of saliva as a predisposing factor for white spot lesions - A Randomized controlled trial
  • Correlation of cervical vertebral anomalies in saggital skeletal malrelation  in both male and female patients – A cross sectional CBCT study
  • Evaluation of the Effects of Varying the Depth,Frequency and Pattern of Micro-Osteo Perforation (MOP) in Rate of Tooth Movement. -  An in-vivo Comparative Study
  • Effect of Microosteoperforations on the rate of tooth movement, affected by varying frequencies and number of perforations.
  • Comparitive Efficacy of Morinda Citrifolia(noni) and Chlorhexidine mouthrinse against candida albicans in patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment – An invivo study.
  • Accuracy of Beta Angle in Assessment of Sagittal Discrepancy in Chennai Population – A Cephalometric Study.

Laboratories and Facilities

  • Department is equipped with the state of the art dental chairs, orthodontic materials and instruments.
  • Digital OPG/ Lateral Cephalogram.
  • 3D imaging software for treatment simulation for orthodontic and various surgical procedures.
  • Digital photography room with Newest DSLR camera.
  • Hydro solder, vacuum pressure, lathe trimmer, model trimmers, LCD units etc…
  • Model / record room, Ceph tracing room .
  • Dry and wet labs for the laboratory procedures.
  • Sterilization rooms for instrument sterilization.