Inclusion of SRMIST under 12(B) of the UGC Act



Laboratory Facilities

The department is well furnished with these major laboratories:
• Food Microbiology & Fermentation laboratory
• Food Bio-chemistry laboratory
• Food Analysis laboratory
• Food Engineering laboratory
• Product Development laboratory
• Unit operation in food processing laboratory

The department has important and advanced equipments like Hunter calorimeter, Spectrophotometer, ultrasonic cleaner, Spray drier, Freeze drier, Super Critical Fluid Extractor, Viscometer and basic equipments like sealing machine, fruit pulper, tray drier, bread slicer, Baking oven, bucket elevator, Rotary vacuum flask, Terminal Velocity apparatus, Inclines belt separator, Fluidized belt dryer, Screw conveyor, Tearing Strength tester, Thermo couple sensor, Tensile strength tester, bursting strength tester etc., besides minimal infrastructure facilities in all laboratories, for teaching and research activities.


Lab Equipment Details